Why work and live in Mesa?

Not only will you find top-notch career opportunities at Mesa Public Schools, but once you're hired, you become family.

Mesa, Arizona, is one of the largest cities in the United States, but it's a small town at heart. The sun shines all year long, and the warmth of the weather is matched only by the warmth of the community.

Mesa Public Schools has many family legacies. Parents often send their children to the same schools they attended as children. School pride radiates throughout the community.

And when you're "off the clock," Mesa provides an abundance of entertainment options, including spring training baseball games, hiking, shopping, movies, concerts, museums and much more.

Mesa Public Schools is right for you if you are . . .


Bridget Lehman

Bridget Lehman - "I look forward to seeing my students and being able to make a difference"

Denise Plympton

Denise Plympton - "I love the people and the collaboration and the teamwork. I love it here and I haven't loved my job in a long time."

Rose Mcdonnel

Tony Green - "I feel like I matter. I feel like people care about me. I'm not a number."