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Phone Number:  (480) 472-7210
Address: 63 East Main Street #101 Mesa, Arizona 85201

Path2Teach is the Mesa Public Schools (MPS) alternative pathways program designed to develop effective PreK-12 teachers. Path2Teach offers two pathways into the teaching profession to support teachers engaged in the process of earning an Arizona teaching certificate from the Arizona Department of Education (ADE). The program is in its second year and has over 150 participants.

MPS Educator Preparation Program - MPS is an approved ADE Educator Preparation Program (EPP). The program is a two year job-embedded program designed and administered by Mesa Public Schools. Participants work toward earning an Arizona teaching certificate while on the job as an MPS teacher. There are no fees for participation in this EPP. The associated costs to obtain certification are listed in the table below.

Arizona State University Master’s Degree - ASU offers degree programs with a two year program of study. Participants work toward earning a master’s degree and an Arizona Teaching Certificate while on the job as an MPS teacher. Most costs associated with this program are offset by Arizona Teachers Academy scholarships.

Path2Teach is for participants who:

  • Are experienced teachers seeking an additional certification in a hard-to-fill Special Education certification area


  • Are seeking a career change and want to become a certified public school teacher


  • Earned a bachelor’s degree (or higher) in any field

  • Have or can obtain an Arizona IVP fingerprint clearance card

  • Authorized to work in the United States 

  • Available for in-person teaching and based in or near Mesa, Arizona

  • General Education Secondary program participants with a passing score on the corresponding Subject Knowledge test prior to program admittance

Mesa Public Schools Path2Teach Hiring Timeline 2024







-Apply for open MPS teaching positions for the 2024-25 school year

-Secure a teaching position





Once hired for a teaching position:

-Apply for an IVP Fingerprint Clearance Card through AzDPS

-Contact Dana Yursi at 480-472-0463 or to enroll in Path2Teach (either MPS certification program or ASU master's degree program)

-Apply for an Alternative Teaching Certificate through ADE

-Pass secondary subject matter test
(If applicable)

-Complete the MPS onboarding process through Human Resources






Path2Teach Teachers report to work

July 15, 2024

Educators New to the Profession & Educators New to Mesa training

July 18, 2024

First day of school for students

August 1, 2024

Additional training dates and information to come out at P2T training.

The best part of Path2Teach is the amount of knowledge I am gaining. I wanted to enter the education field, but didn't know how. This gave and continues to give me a solid path to my goals.

Vanessa Anastasia  

   3rd Grade Teacher at Summit Academy

Photo of Vanessa Anastasia in the classroom working with a student and dark blue border

This opportunity for furthering my Mesa Public Schools career at no cost other than time came at the right time in my life. I could never afford an Alternate Certificate Program when I was thinking of becoming a teacher. I also enjoy my cohort of similarly placed Path2Teach teachers. I have a wonderful on-campus mentor and team that I lean on everyday.

Jill Bendon  

   Resource Teacher at Las Sendas Elementary School

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Mesa Public Schools Recruitment and Retention Team

Phone Number:  (480) 472-7210
Address: 63 East Main Street #101 Mesa, Arizona 85201